Friday, September 19, 2008

I See How They are Achieving This...

with the new Phantom Highspeed HD camera. However, my question (challenge) is:

Who can achieve a similar effect with an off-the-shelf consumer camera (DVX-100) and software?

I want to meet that guy (or gal). Seriously.

Video courtesy Chase Jarvis.

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Lindsay Stewart said...

final cut studio features 'motion' in the software bundle, i'm presuming that these cats are using it as their floating point engine. 'motion' allows you to ramp up and down but you won't achieve quite the same look as they are running a camera at more than 16 time the max frame rate of a prosumer machine like my xh-a1. that said, i'm now curious to see what i can get out of something like this and it gives me an excuse to tinker with aspects of 'motion' that i haven't touched yet. i have to climb through the rest of the gig i'm on now but i'll let you know what i can manage. cheers.