Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seth Rogen Need Not Apply...

Sorry folks, whiney fanboy time:

Can you seriously see Seth Rogen (even a Slimfast/Atkins Seth Rogen) as Britt Reid?
Even in the campy, swinging sixties they cast people with serious attitude....

(And yes, I understand there are elements to this 60's styled story that don't hold up well. However for the most part, it is played seriously. The latter episodes tried to adopt the Batman camp and hastened the show's demise)


John said...

Seth Rogen is definitely a deal breaker.


Anonymous said...

If Stephen Chow is gonna direct and be in it I have hope. The guy is a comedy/martial arts genious. Shaolin Soccer is easily the best martial arts/soccer movie ever made.

DecoderRing said...

Right... but that's still part of the problem. Comedy. If you don't understand it, make a parody of it. It's lazy and half-assed.

I like comedies. I like Seth Rogen. I hate him in this, and I have no desire to hear the funny, funny jokes they have come up with.

Even the martial arts aspects of the Hornet mythos are later additions... mostly added because they happened to have Bruce Lee y'know... right there. I'm not suggesting they shouldn't be there... but if they think that's what the Green Hornet is actually about, they haven't done any research. It's sad.

Cunningham said...

Yeah - the comedy aspect is the fart in the room. It draws unwanted attention.

The martial arts- while not in the original incarnations - "fits" because you can see how badass it would be for the Hornet to have a valet/henchman/sidekick who can literally kick ass. The perception being the Hornet is soooo badass he doesn't soil his hands with the small stuff. If the Hornet has to get involved - you're dead.

It elevates the concept of the Hornet posing as a master criminal, and reinforces the foundations of this world in which he walks.

There are so many cool stories you can do with this idea -- if it's done seriously. If you make fun of it then you're dead.

Roger Alford said...

The comedy is what scares the hell out of me, too. The best take I've seen on this is a comment by PapaFreud on AICN (wish I had said it): "Because Superman lll and B&R were so successful."

Something akin to The Dark Knight is much closer to the source material. Now which one made more money? Gregg is right. Lazy and half-assed!