Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gran Torino: The Trailer

We will discuss this movie and its marketing at a later date, but just in case anyone's curious, there are a lot of techniques (symbolism, irony) used in this story (as seen only from the trailer) that you can use in your pulp storytelling. Gran Torino starts with a simple premise and peels down the onion of the story and its characters to show you how much care and attention went into creating that simplicity.

Let me rephrase that:
On the surface, Gran Torino appears to be a simple premise. However when you begin to peel away the layers of story and character throughout, you begin to understand that this is a story of carefully crafted, exacting simplicity (to borrow from Alex Toth). For example, in the poster you DON'T see the Chinese kids who are a major component of the trailer. Why? They take away from the focus of the movie.

I need more coffee.

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