Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pulp Filmmaking Manual

That's the title...

What goes in it?



Rashad Ferguson said...

Pulp what is it and why you need to know it.

Screenwriting from logline to final draft…. Putting in bones to support your script.

Poster design… understanding the many worlds of distribution… promotion etc etc

And finally just get off your lazy a@# and make a movie will you…

Ryan said...

How to reconcile the fact that I love The Royal Tenenbaums with the fact that it would make a terrible pitch.

Roger Alford said...

LOTS of real-world examples
Coolness on a budget, with real-world examples
Practical things people tend to forget, like electricity and toilets
Oh, and real-world examples of everything discussed

Ryan said...

Ways of maximizing the entertainment/effort ratio.

A book won't quite match experience, but for a while I submitted a bunch of short comedy films to a local gong show. That was very good for understanding an audience, and how to maintain their interest through the whole video without being gonged.

Ryan said...

The difference between making pulp and being a hack.

Cunningham said...

That last one is easy.

A hack follows a formula: Same ingredients in the same proportion every time with the exact same result.

A pulpster is more like chef - they follow a recipe. You know you're going to get the veal picatta you ordered, but there are subtle flavor & texture differences. You can use different ingredients to achieve a unique dining experience. The good chefs (and pulpsters) surprise you with something you didn't think would go together but does... (example- chocolate sauce with chili or prawns).