Saturday, November 15, 2008

Go Here:

To the good old Kung Fu Monkey and make your feelings known. Even if you are repeating something someone else has said in the comments. I am reading all your comments via the feed.

Trust your bastard on this one.
(That's all I can say for now)

Edit to add:

Well maybe I CAN say a little more (was there any doubt?) . Just got a quick IM that said, "I'm a video guy. Why should I care about comics on the web?" (Which reminded me of discussing taking German lessons in high school: When am I going to use that?)

The thing of it is this: The internet, new media, whatever you want to call it isn't just video. It isn't JUST web comics, or prose, or audio, or articles of photography, or illustration or animation or merchandise...


And seriously, to be able to compete in the future (okay, here and now) you must integrate all those things into your strategy. You don't want to leave value (money) on the table. So never think of yourself as just a writer, just a video guy, just an artist...

Because if you do I'll show up at your house with my Darwinian Forehead Stamp (patent pending) and brand you "Extinct."

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