Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am Happy & Thankful for ...

My Family
My Friends
My Health
The Future
That wonderful spark that ignites within me every time I receive an email or comment here thanking me for whatever it is that I'm doing here...frankly, just being myself.

Thank you.

There is so much stuff my cohorts and I are working on right now that I wish I could share in full. I will say:

-- I am still researching and drafting a couple of posts on the new wave of pulp production occurring in the UK. It is very cool to hear that they are jumping into the mosh pit with the rest of us, making media no matter what.
-- I am finalizing contracts for a project with a best-selling scifi & horror author.
-- A script of mine is making the rounds at production companies and the writing has been well-received.
-- The work on the manual is going well. Slow, but steady. Plans include several versions you'll be able to download or order.
-- and then there is that other pulp thing I wish I could talk about. That one has been a logistical nightmare to figure out (but that's what makes my wheels turn don't you know!)

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