Friday, November 14, 2008

Prepare to be Exploited...

Do you have a B-Movie jones? Do you hunger for shotguns and six-pack Annies? Serial killers and spaceships? Alien abominations from the deepest, darkest reaches of the infinite?

But have you already exhausted your library of DVDs, worn holes through your VHS tapes?

Do you need to see more and more low budget exploitation masterpieces (ahem) than are actually out there?

Well now you can...sort of. is a website dedicated to those forgotten write-offs that never existed. Titles like:

Shitty Waiter
Gianni Gunwhip
The Bike Thief
A Locomotive For Murder
Take Two and Kill Me in the Morning
Hangnail Hill
Death Knell

Now go have fun and tell Nik Macaluso that the Mad Pulp bastard sent you.

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