Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Diversity Thy Name is Internet

I love getting emails like this from friends around the world using the internet to their advantage when it comes to creating cool entertainments.

From my Knightmare radio-producer, Gregg Taylor of Toronto's Decoder Ring Theater:

Dear Bill,

I know this sort of crossover effort is near and dear to your heart, so I offer you our latest venture... the Black Jack Justice comic at www.addictivecomics.com We're along for the ride on this in many ways... the whole thing is the new Scott Sigler joint (he who turned podcasting audio novels into bestselling actual novels), and it's nifty to be on the ground floor for once instead of outside in the cold, pressed up against the glass and quaking with envy. Mark Hester is the driving force (and also our inker!) and the pencils are being done by this dude from Finland who has a feel for the noir that I can't believe.

Anyway, the first pages are up today... take a peek when you have a chance.



Go to Decoder Ring Theatre today to listen to the audio adventures of Black Jack Justice! (or go to the webcomic and read his adventures!)


DecoderRing said...

The "dude from Finland"s name is Sami Kivelä and he's spectacular... Yes, I was just that lazy when I emailed you this morning.

Kid Sis said...

Cool cover!

Scott Sigler said...

Gregg - so thrilled to have you as part of Addictive Comics. I was a H-U-G-E fan of Black Jack Justice and am really digging the graphic novel.

Cunningham said...

Scott -

Glad you could stop by. There is more pulpy goodness within these digital walls.