Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Astonishing Adventures Magazine (you're reading it aren't you?) profiles my Buster Bullet to the Rescue co-conspirator Rolf Lejdegard on their site here. And of course, since it's always "all about me" I got a nice chuckle out of this:

The collaboration with pulp mastermind Bill Cunningham has been a life-altering experience, entering rooms in the mind that should have remained closed all the while staring madness in the third eye. But once Rolf got used to the cold steel of Bill’s gauntlet and the heat from the laser whip, he can honestly say that he would love to work with him again.

Let me say this so that any future collaborators understand a few things about working with me:

  • It's not a steel gauntlet, those are my calloused fists hardened to devastating effect from many years of toiling away in the entertainment industry.
  • It's not a laser whip. That would be silly now wouldn't it? The slicing, surgically-precise pain one would feel lancing through their thinkmeat is the force waves from my penetrating Pulp Stare (US patent pending).
Yes, there are myriad reasons I am known as the Mad Pulp Bastard...the above are but two.

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