Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hard Times...

We are all going through hard times right now in this Post-Bush / Pre-Obama world we live in...
In terms of the entertainment industry, many of the independent distributors are taking it on the chin (or in the boys) (as are the big guys) and are dumping projects, slashing budgets and cutting staff (AT&T is cutting 12,000 jobs) .

No one knows more than I do, how these cutbacks have hurt those of us dealing with these entertainment companies, the auto industry and the music industry. My income has dropped considerably, some would say drastically this year...

So it's with this consideration that I say to everyone:

Get off your lazy asses and start a business!

Diversify your income.
Don't ever think your job is safe. It is not.

If you are a writer on a show - finish that novel. If no one wants to buy it for a traditional publisher - then self publish. If you are trying to produce a movie and no one's biting? Produce a web serial. If you are an artist, set up a site and produce your art for sale.

You are not safe. Ever. Unless you own it.

And no - this isn't a substitute for your regular job. It's supplemental income. Finances that keep you from going mental.

Just remember that one of the great literary and pop culture movements arose out of an economic depression - pulp and movies. It will happen again, only more efficiently and with a greater profit margin going to the uh... you know... actual creators.

Embrace what has to be...

More on this later, and I hope an announcement or two.


Willow Redd said...

Yes, but what business?

Cunningham said...

What are you good at?
What can make you money?
Can you streamline a process or a product so that it's more efficient?

Can you create an entertainment that people will want to pay you for? (pay for the product or pay to advertise on the product?)

Willow Redd said...

I'm sure I can create an entertainment that people will pay for (wow, not conceited at all am I?), it's finding someone who will pay that seems to be the issue at the moment.