Friday, December 12, 2008

So I Had a Terrifying Night Last Night...

After a long hard day of arguing with a distributor as to why they had to pay for services rendered and they couldn't skip out on paying the bill (because seriously, they would all do that if you let them), I got off the subway and walked home only to find out:

This happened.

About four doors down the street from my apartment.


So after speaking with the police officers on duty at the lines cordoning off the area, I discovered I wouldn't be able to get in to my home until around 10pm.


Icing on the cake. No pun intended.

So, I ran over to my least favorite coffee establishment and sat down to do some work on the laptop. I wrote for awhile... Chatted with Shawna for awhile...Drank some coffee...

But underneath it all was this dread. This cold, dark monster perched just off my shoulder whispering into my ear about that poor 15-yr. old girl who discovered the bodies of her family by just coming home after school.

You want horror? That's horror. And we heap it on one another as if it were nothing.

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