Monday, January 05, 2009

I KIND of Like It ( Which isn't enough )

Some folks across the web-blog-o-scribo-sphere don't like this poster. Some of their points I have to agree with (It should be Chun Li in a fighting silhouette), but I like that it's a "frozen moment" of action.

But if this is what the Studio wants (to show off the cast), how do we "save" it?**

I would have sepia-toned the interior of the silhouettes to make them seem on fire (and/or added flames as necessary). Orange-red flames in contrast to the blue title treatment.

It worked here.

I might have added some energy to the title treatment as well. Speed lines or reworking the design to show Chun Li (cute little Kristin Kreuk from SMALLVILLE) smashing the title to bits. Show the audience this is a brand new STREET FIGHTER movie and it kicks ass.

Something to make them forget this.

Poster design is never easy, especially at the studio level. There are many masters' voices you have to listen to while trying to up the ante in terms of design and sellability. All while the clock is ticking.

** In this instance, "save" means "make it more coherent and enticing for the casual viewer who may see the poster at their favorite bus stop, newspaper, magazine or website." I think it's a pretty damn good gamble that didn't quite come together.

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Rusty James said...

Morning Bill,

I always perceive posters and cover art which shows off the cast as a WARNING: B (mostly D) actors present.

The name 'STREET FIGHTER' should be enough to pull in your target audience... Meaning, I'm standing 6 feet away, I'm gonna walk up to this sucker and see who's involved... not Vin Diesel, I hope.

So, I think if you have a poster with the ENTIRE cast on it (unless this is a P.T. Anderson or Cohen Bros film) you're already starting with one foot in the toilet.

BUT, if the Studio want's the cast, at least change the bland expressions to something a little more... I don't know... angry?

Surely everyone can't be so Zen about kicking ass?