Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tonight on Geekerati: Bones of the Dragon

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman—the bestselling fantasy co-authors of all time and creators of the Gaming Fiction literary genre. First there was Dragonlance™, the role-playing game-based novels that begat a fantasy empire. Then there was Darksword, an original foray into the genre of Tolkien, Donaldson, and Brooks. The Death Gate Cycle soon followed; each novel a bestseller. Now, Weis and Hickman, the creative minds behind these incredible worlds, have teamed up again to write an epic new fantasy saga. BONES OF THE DRAGON (Tor Books; $24.95; National On-Sale Date: January 6, 2009) is the first book in the Dragonships of Vindras series—and an introduction to a new world, a new cast of heroes and heroines, and a new adventure.

Renowned for their extraordinary world-building infused with cultural lore and rich characterizations, Weis and Hickman published their first novel in the Dragonlance™ Chronicles, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, in 1984. Twenty-five years later, this dynamic writing duo has five New York Times bestselling fantasy series. Combined, they have written or co-authored over 100 novels and short story collections. Together, they have collaborated on more than thirty.

Weis and Hickman's action-packed, utterly riveting BONES OF THE DRAGON brilliantly launches the Dragonships of Vindras saga, an epic six-book adventure in which individual mortals will face tests of faith and character, and both gods and dragons will aid, abet, and battle as they see fit—to ensure their own survival…

To prep for the show you can watch the teaser trailer for this fantastic new book series. here.

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