Saturday, January 31, 2009

Your Uncle Bill Wants You: Join the Pulp Legion Today!

Sharp-eyed pulpsters will note a new addition to the Pulp 2.0 blog >>>>>

It's a subscription sign-up for a new email newsletter we will be starting in March.

It's a new way to pass along those items of pulpy interest to an exclusive group of 1000 pulpsters out there. You'll receive breaking news, interviews, links and other coolness you can use to further your own pulpy projects.

Stuff you won't see here on the blog, and that will be for you exclusively.

So instead of having you cut off the box tops to a dozen or so CrackerJack boxes, or peel back the labels on some jars of Ovaltine, I'm having you give me your name, email and postal code so I can see where my loyal pulp legionnaires reside and send them the email equivalent of a jetpack or disintegrator pistol.

(No war bond purchase required)


Kidsis said...

Have you see Bitch Slap yet?

Cunningham said...

I've seen the trailer yes, but when I contacted the publicist the other day (40 days ago?) it was still in post.

I do want to see it. I mean, who doesn't?