Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Chin Strikes Back!

Bruce Campbell's MY NAME IS BRUCE hits DVD.

My buddy, Mike Kallio sent this note to my InBox:

I wanted to let everyone know that a film I'm in (twice-see if you can find me, lol :) ) AND did all the Behind the scenes/Extras DVD features for, is NOW OUT on DVD and Blu Ray. "My Name is Bruce" was a film I worked on in the summer of 2006 and spent 2 and a hlaf years (on again, off again) editing all the Behind-the-Scenes and DVD extras, including an hour long "Making of" called "Hearts of Dorkness" which is a documentary/mockumentary on the creating of the film in a spoof style (we spoofed the making of "Apocalypse Now"). The movie was shot all in and around Bruce's property up in Jacksonville and Medford, Oregon.

Get it today!


Unknown said...

I hate to say that I wasn't a fan of this and I love Bruce. Ted Raimi stole every scene he was in and I did enjoy some of the shot Bruce took at himself, but I found it as unsatisfying as Bruce's other directing stints.


Aric Blue said...

It's funny, I actually liked this. It was the first Campbell movie I've liked since...uh, I can't remember.