Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mad Pulp Bastard meets Save The Cat!

As I have preached inumerable times--

It is ALWAYS much better to tell a simple story stylishly than to add 50 ideas or themes to a story to make it more "sophisticated."

But don't take my word for it.

From Blake Snyder's Blog:

"But one idea, well told, is actually the way to make your script more meaningful. Finding the “one idea” makes your story spine stronger. Yours must be a tale in which we “follow the bouncing ball” of a hero who changes from beginning to end. Your hero must learn a lesson — pick one– and you are telling us what that is by clearly planting your Theme Stated up front… and tying it to the “lesson learned” at the end.

The “one idea” rule also helps you decide if it’s a love story… or a thriller. And don’t you wish more moviemakers would decide this? We can understand multiple levels of meaning, as long as your intention as the writer is clear. Sticking to the “one idea per movie” rule helps us focus on what we’re really saying."

So whether you're making a movie, making a comic, making the poster to a movie and so on...stick to the one idea rule. It's marketing 101 and it makes your audience's lives so much easier and richer. [This is especially true for posters. If you don't follow the one idea rule then you end up here]

The audience can follow what you are doing, and then you can surprise them by showing them some aspect of that one idea they hadn't considered. They will love you for that.

So, Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

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