Monday, March 09, 2009

My Problems With Watchmen...

Can be found here at The Wrap.

I'll add more to this here.

Edit to add:

Okay, so Aric Blue says, "I think yer nuts!" and maybe I am...but not about this. Maybe the 3.5 hr version will be better, but I still get the sneakin' suspicion that it would have more impact as a TV mini-series.

Imagine if you will 12 episodes spaced out over 3 months. Each episode mirroring its printed counterpart. Bits and pieces from one episode adding meaning to another episode - much like LOST which I compared it to earlier. WATCHMEN IS like that delicate watch we see young Jon Osterman repairing in the movie. The variety of pieces have to be fit together in the right order in order for it to work properly.

More later I'm sure.

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Aric Blue said...

I think yer nuts! :)

I was very surprised how faithful it was, and honestly, I think once you see the 3.5 hour version on the Blu Ray, it's gonna get boring.(especially for mainstream movie audiences)