Sunday, March 01, 2009

Oh and in Other News...Captain Canuck!

IDW didn't send me this press release, but I found out through the channels they are re-publishing the classic CAPTAIN CANUCK!

I remember reading this comic back in the early 70's (?) one summer at my grandparents house in the bustling metropolis of Grinnell, Iowa. There was a local newsstand that was near my grandfather's plumbing business that held paperbacks, newspapers, magazines (which I later learned were the "Men's Sweats" from publisher Martin Goodman. I just knew the same guy was on every cover - Steve Holland.

It was the same summer that I discovered The Shadow... and yes, THE WEALTH SEEKER was the first Shadow novel I read.

And the radio version of The Green Hornet (I purchased a radio cassette at the airport on the way to Iowa and had to wait the entire summer before I could get back to SC and listen to the programs!).

So yes, the good Captain holds warm memories for me. Not just because I associate him with that great summer, but because CC was a comic that was different. The art by George Freeman and J-C St. Aubin was different in that it took a more classic, comic strip approach to comics than what I was getting from Marvel or DC. The coloring wasn't slapdash but rather "painted" in a technique similar to what I was seeing in PRINCE VALIANT.

I'm glad to see the Captain has returned and that he'll sit proudly on my shelf and in my heart.

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Nathan Shumate said...

Oh, ROCK on! When I was growing up in Canada, Captain Canuck was the only game in town for homegrown superheroics. (Long after the series died, I had to make due with Alpha Flight.)