Friday, March 13, 2009

Stock is Rising

Register now and this place allows you to download a free stock shot each week.


Lindsay Stewart said...

i just signed up (thanks bill!) you should really check their referral thing and post their official doodad on this site and collect kickbacks from everything that we loyal pulpsters might use or upload. me, i'm looking for some good day to night time lapse shots. don't see anything about the free download per week though i don't mind paying for a shot that makes a scene though. cheers.

Jon Molly said...

psa, they pick the clip each week. Check this link:

Bill, any chance you might throw that doodad up on your blog? If you might, let me know,I'll hold off on registering until you can get the kickback.

Cunningham said...

Thanks for the heads up on that, guys. I will check it out this weekend, and get it set up.

Oh, and FYI -- I will be setting up a store with all sorts of Pulp Filmmaking resources - books, equipment, DVDs, etc... It's on the to-do list. Pulp Legionaires will have first crack at it when it's set up.

Cunningham said...

Aaaaaand it is done.

See sidebar for details on how you too can support a mad pulp bastard in his neverending efforts to bring pulp media to the masses.