Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Media Stuff to Dissect...

G. I. Joe Resolute: look at the release plan for this one. Holding off on the last chapter until it premieres on Adult Swim.

Felicia Day makes $2.20 per DVD for THE GUILD. (She doesn't. Especially not with that boring key art.)

ANGEL OF DEATH viewer numbers. (= the win)

Blake Snyder's stumping for High Concept. (as he should)

Social Nets and web video are changing our behavior (and DNA. No, really)

Movie makers appeal to crowd for money. (Q: what if guys with...oh say, an actual track record and audience got hold of this model?)

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Aric Blue said...

Tom "Child's Play/Fright Night" Holland is already doing this sort of thing. I think it's