Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Explanation Required: Filipino Superheroine Super Gee

Well, actually maybe there is some explanation required. Go here.

Found via Video 48.

And Bikini Machines

(NSFW - seriously - NSFW)


Unknown said...

Speaking of translation, I found a cool blog in French yesterday that is full of pulpy photos and artwork. Not knowing what the hell it says is a plus -- it's like a key to unlock writers block. Just peruse the images and let your mind wander.


First-time commenter, love the blog and the electrogram!

Unknown said...

Pinoy superheroine of the 1970's based from a novel
By Zoila Meneses made into a live action movie and comicbook series played by Nora Aunor in Super Gee and the updated version of a comic book series and a remake of 1970's action series turns to television coming soon in 2014 filming is under way as soon as possible .Thanks! from:Wayne