Thursday, April 02, 2009

That Sound You Hear is the Beat of the Future...

From Content Agenda:

Sales of low-cost netbooks are growing strongly, in contrast to the rest of the market according to analysts.

A report by NPD analysts DisplaySearch predicts that in the coming year netbook sales will grow by 65 per cent, compared to growth in notebook sales of just three per cent.

Cheap access to all sorts of entertainment media and information.
A global connection to like-minded individuals.
The ability to set up and monetize your activities.

“Telecom providers in almost every geographic region are providing subsidized mini-notes, lowering the street price by bundling it with a data plan,„ said Jacobs.

“In emerging economies, internet service providers have revived micro-finance models to also facilitate adoption of mini-notes, while 39 OEMs in 29 countries have partnered with Intel, via their Classmate program, to ship approximately one million units in 2008 and are expected to ship two million units in 2009.„

If this isn't a "pulp generation" - fast, cheap and connected - then I don't know what is...

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