Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Like Anne Hathaway...

But damnit, I think I LOVE Nora Ephron....

From the "Future of Filmmaking" Panel at W Union Square by Syracuse University.
(as reported by Variety)


"She said cutting her fee to make "Rachel Getting Married" was the kind of move that should be made automatically by stars who believe in low-budget projects. "Why make a movie for $30 million when it should look like it was made for 10?" she said. "'Brokeback Mountain' cost $11 million and it was absolutely gorgeous. I think I made SAG day rate for that one."

Ephron said she mistrusted studios' frequent cries of poverty, especially their claims that talent and writer/director costs have hit them hard.

"I look at the movie business as this giant Ponzi scheme set up to compensate a small number of people," she said. "Everything about it is puffed up, including the executives. You wouldn't believe the scale of wealth in Hollywood. They live like pashas. I know people live like that here, too, but we all live in apartments so you can't see it."

And just so we're clear, I don't like this guy Michael Lynton a bit:

"I'm a guy who sees nothing good having come from the Internet, period," said Sony Pictures boss Michael Lynton, sitting between Anne Hathaway and Nora Ephron. "It seems to have done damage to every part of the entertainment business by creating this notion that people can get whatever they want right now, for free."

This would be quite the statement if Sony Pictures TV hadn't financed ANGEL OF DEATH and put it up on What he's really saying is that the internet hasn't allowed him to arse-rape consumers the way that Theatrical, DVD and Television has so he sees no value in it.

Even then he's talking out of his ass.

Let's face it - the internet is for the rest of us.


Karen said...

Anne Hathaway is one of my favs. She was excellent in Rachel Getting Married.

Unknown said...

Agreed. The internet is where true artists and craftsman can have their work produced, either by themselves or others, without the entanglement of suits who know nothing of telling a story. Right on.

And Rachel Getting Married was so overlooked. Bill Irwin was fantastic.