Saturday, May 09, 2009

New Pulp Media Loves The Knightmare !

I wanted to pass along some of the linkage we've received for our upcoming Knightmare radio serial "The Murder Legion Strikes at Midnight" debuting May 30th on Decoder Ring Theatre.

The first is a bit of two-fisted promotion by our own Scotty Godlewski.

Dave Flora of Ghost Zero fame has tweeted for us: you can reach him here: @dave_flora

and "Pappy" Ron Fortier has linked with us over at Airship 27.

If you link to any Knightmare post or our Facebook Page then please shoot me an email and send me the link.

The picture left is from historic Mack Sennett / Keystone studios in Edendale (Now Echo Park) - a suburb of Los Angeles.

If the original Knightmare serial and radio show had gone forward as Cameron Tyler had planned this would have been where they shot it.

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