Friday, May 15, 2009

PRIMEVAL Takes A Bite Out Of The Colonies

This is a spoiler-free review:

Everyone here knows my love of Dinosaurs and time travel and all sorts of weird stuff that happens when you mix the two. BBC America has announced that this week PRIMEVAL will be airing here on the cable network and I'm here to tell you one thing:


Season 3 for any series is the game changer... that point where the folks in the writer's room sit down and ask the hard questions:

- What have we done?
- What haven't we done?
- What does the audience think it knows?

There are big, top-secret things happening this season on PRIMEVAL. Game-changing things. Things that make you scratch your head in bewilderment, then slap your forehead uttering, "Of course!"

Don't miss the opportunity to laugh, cry, oggle, giggle, shudder and slap your forehead.

Primeval premieres Saturday, May 16, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.


Roger Alford said...

Dang! Sci-Fi hasn't even gotten through Season 1 yet and you've got me salivating for Season 3!

Craig Blamer said...

Loved the first two seasons, but three is a load of nothing. It seems to have gotten very American.

David said...

Now I hear that Warner Brothers have snapped up the rights to the film version. American setting and ramping up the action they said.