Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What are they? They're The Mercury Men

This was just sent to me by Pulp Legionnaire Peter Noble.

Go to the website: The Mercury Men

We will discuss later, but note how the website is laid out:

Easy to subscribe via several options.
Easy to get info.
Easy to contact them and interact (Facebook, Twitter)

The only problem I have is that the gallery is in Flash and you can't pull pics to further spread the word. They could have put the site's url in the corner of each photo and driven some more traffic.

But overall, very good.


Chris Preksta said...

Thanks for the great post and the suggestion re: the photo gallery!

Roger Alford said...

SOLD! Love the layout, especially the buttons on the side. Had no choice but to subscribe. Excellent site. Like the poster idea, too. Smart thinking.

Unknown said...

Yes, Yes, indeed! Man..I've got to get a Ghost Zero serial trailer or something..