Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Fighting Sullivan

Michael Patrick Sullivan (notice how ALL shady types have three names? Lee Harvey Oswald. Henry Lee Lucas, John Wayne Gacy...et al. Hey, I'm just sayin'! Guy has a play called Mastermind coming out soon) has given your Mad Pulp Bastard and Wrecking Crew a nice write up on The Knightmare: The Murder Legion Strikes at Midnight.

"As a fan of the old timey Shadow radio shows, this audio drama by Bill Cunningham and produced by the Decoder Ring Theatre is right up my alley and the Bastard nailed it. Check it out, it's free and awesome and it comes in two chapters, two chapters."

He also gives props to Emmett Furey's multimedia project Fury of Solace - which looks like a lot of fun...comics, video, prose, etc...

And Kid Sis Lis Fies for her movie The Commune which recently premiered at the Dances with Films Festival.

Check their stuff out then go make your own cool stuff.

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