Sunday, June 21, 2009

It Isn't Wednesday, But It's Comics...

Thanks to Heidi MacDonald over at THE BEAT we have a picture of the size of the forthcoming DC Comics title WEDNESDAY COMICS:

Nice... an old school look with a ton of comics content inside...
Just like the old days when there was value for your dime.

I wish every comic book looked like this (The British model?) so comics could get back to being the throwaway literature they've always been and we can start to see the subject and storytelling innovations that the form requires in order to really grow.

You can't reach an audience from the inside of a mylar bag (or an ivory tower).

Remember kids, when the budget and costs are low you can be creative, experimental, opinionated, daring, audacious and get away with it. If comics are too expensive, people will stay away in droves...or ignite controversy on the internet. (Oops!)

The same point was recently made by Father Jim over here.

And earlier here.

I keep saying this over and over (and I'll probably have it tattooed on my person somewhere) . If you want to affect people with your entertainments they have to be able to see it first. Get it into their hands and hearts as effectively and cheaply as possible. This Wednesday Comics seems to be a step in the right direction. Let's hope this is the case - more and less expensive comics that go for the throat (okay, or the groin) and look like a copy of the LA WEEKLY.

It's the pulp way.


Unknown said...

"Yeah, I’m likewise baffled by the idea that in using the printing press to forge a book one is honour-bound to engage some sort of duty to accessibility."

That whole comment thread is why I hate comics, comic shops, and comic people now. The whole long underwear bullshit to art comics.

Your arguments are sound Bill and they make sense. People who complain that comics are dying and that there is no new readership should read this thread - and look at $4 for a damn comic book.


Anonymous said...


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