Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Media Pimpin'

John Rogers gave us some mighty fine pimpin' this weekend.

His pimp hand is strong. (Ask his writing staff)

He also gave us the New Pulp Media company motto:

"Get off your ass and make your own media."

And I think that's as good a mandate as any I've heard, and fits right into the no-nonsense, here are the tools - use 'em approach we take here at Pulp 2.0. Nothing would please me more than for people to take time out of their week and create something - a short story, a piece of art, a photograph, a short film, an animation, an audio piece, or even a bit of code that does something cool.

Because when you finish something and show it, you get better almost instantly. You just have to do it first...and keep doing it.

And that's the approach of New Pulp Media (both as a company and a philosophy), to conceive of ways to get you to jump in and write or draw, film or whatever creative outlet best suits your temperament. To do it fast, inexpensively and in an entertaining way.

But most of all to have fun and to share those different forms of storytelling fun with others. The rest will take care of itself.

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