Tuesday, July 07, 2009

G-8 and Other Pulp Heroes by Steranko

G8 and His Battle Aces was a series of pulps that were reissued in the 70's with new covers by Jim Steranko.

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has kindly reminded us why they were so great and how many of us had our interest in pulp magazines ignited at such an early age. Not only by the great G8, but other pulp and pulp-ish books.


Michael Brown said...

I knew about Steranko doing the G-8 covers, Shadow and Skaith, but not the others.

What we need is a nice, large format book (like SQP did for Bob Larkin) on Sterankos pulp and paperback covers.

He only did the first 3 G-8 covers, after which Berkley just reused original pulp covers. I heard he had to re-do totally those first 3 covers, so there are basically 3 unseen G-8 covers.

I also understand there are more Shadow covers he did for Pyramid that where never used. Apparently he did a small book (which I never got :( ) called "unseen Shadows". So including these would be great.

Cunningham said...

I have the UNSEEN SHADOWS book and they are all the pencil revisions he did for the Shadow series. So they are simply variations on the theme which was eventually used.

What I want to see is the pitch document (with art) that Steranko supposedly made to Marvel when DC launched their Shadow comic book line in the 70's.