Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's A Tumor!

From PW:

Although Amazon.com has published prose works exclusively on the Kindle before, in a first the online retailer has teamed with graphic novel publisher Archaia to publish Tumor, an original graphic novel by writer Joshua Fialkov and artist Noel Tuazon, initially in a digital edition formatted specifically for the Kindle;Tumor will be released serially on the Kindle before a hardcover print edition is published three to six months later. This is the first time Amazon has published a graphic novel specifically designed for the Kindle 2, and it will be followed by three additional Archaia books released on the Kindle that will be announced during the San Diego Comic-Con International this week.

The venture also offers a glimpse of a future model for serial/digital/print publication. The Kindle e-book will be sectioned into eight, 22-page chapters and, like most Kindle editions


Roger Alford said...

Very cool. I quite like the serialized concept. Hmmm...

Roger Alford said...

What I'd really like to see is for Amazon to offer a Season Pass for serialized books, like iTunes does for TV shows. Pay once, and have subsequent chapters delivered automatically.