Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I've Been Working Out and am Now Toned...

PulpToned that is...

Anthony Schiavino - an NYC writer-designer - and I have been discussing the past, present and future of pulp. What it is, isn't and what it could be...and how we can be better, stronger, faster at what we do... and how we can get you in on it.

This is Pulp 2.0.

Not just books. Not just comics. Not just video or audio.
It's all of the above and more. Together.

Anthony has an incredible amount of work on his site, so I recommend you browse through and see stuff like his SERGEANT ZERO, KNUCKLES, and TALES FROM THE ZERO HOUR.

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Unknown said...

Those damn chimps. Thanks for the mention Bill. This is just the start of things. For all of us.