Monday, September 28, 2009

Another 7D Video: Beijing

Shot with available light and three lenses. From DslrNewsshooter Dan Chung by way of PrepShootPost's Eric Escobar:

I want a pulp feature shot with this camera...But I want an action sequence done with it first - a chase, a fight, a shootout.

Available light.

Edit to rant: You guys who are always saying you need more money with which to make your TV shows? You don't. You guys who say you can't make webisodes with TV quality? You can. You want to make a show that changes things? That makes an impact? That redefines things?

Don't think big. Think small.

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Andrew Bellware said...

My vote is for the Panasonic GH1. It's an even cheaper camera.

Notice that "available light" still means strong backlighting.

And you can shoot as cheap as you want as long as the dialog is done with a microphone within a couple feet of the people talking! ;-)