Friday, September 18, 2009

Danger: Diabolik - Behind a Pulp Movie Smash


Andrew Bellware said...

I think it's very interesting what he said about how movement and depth are implicit in comic book frames.

wcmartell said...

From the DVD - the bonus doc. This is one weird film, totally a piece of the 60s. It's like James Bond meets Adam West's Batman... but with nekkid girls in showers. Complete flop in the USA, did fair biz in Europe. John Philip Law's eyebrows deserved a special Oscar. Plot makes no sense at all, and there's a scene where one of the Jaguars drives off a cliff... and its back in the garage in the next scene. Fun if you just go with it, or if you've just dropped acid.
Bill, did you ever meet JPL? I talked with him a couple of times. He was a nice guy.

Cunningham said...

Diabolik is a far bigger deal in Italy and Europe than he is here. But considering that Bava was given a $2M budget and he brought this movie in for $400K +/- then I call that a win.

Never had the opportunity to meet JPL.

The plot is a mishmash of scenes from the comics - no doubt. Very episodic.