Thursday, October 08, 2009

Aaaaand Break!

Between multiple writing deadlines converging at once (my fault entirely), computer problems (scream worthy) and making a living -- I've been stressed out.

I am officially putting the brakes on for a bit and reorganizing so I can actually... you know... accomplish something and clean my plate of work.

In the meantime if you see anything cool on the web: comics, books, video, audio, games and so forth, post it in the comments. I'll catch up with it soon. Or you could write a story based on the image here. 100 words max. Go and do me proud.

I'll be in the corner asleep. Or is that passed out?


Matt Forbeck said...

I think Jonathan Lethem wrote a whole novel based on (something like) that (excellent) image. Check out "Gun With Occasional Music" to see it.

Cunningham said...

Monkeys and guns are a winning combination.

Like chocolate and peanut butter.

Kevin said...

Okay, 99 words:

Jon Molly said...

Bang! 100 words on the dot.

Thanks for the inspiration, Bill. These little exerciese are great for working those creative muscles and forcing economy of words.