Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Neuron Firings:

Went from scary near zero work to a ton in the space of a day. Now if only clients paid the bills as fast as they ordered the marketing I would be far less stressed...

Have been working on a project here at work, and I have to say that I like any media production where the biggest headache would be the legal ones (which I wouldn't have to deal with). Distribution, design, publicity and marketing would all be from the desktop.

Bellware will be happy to know I'm writing. As will Tomlinson.

I will be at AFM. If you are there give me a shout.

Chad Michael Ward enjoys his work.

Still have a lot of stuff for sale - so come on by this week. Seriously - this is a geek's paradise when it comes to Christmas presents. Superman TV's. Green Hornet action figures...

It's a bone-chilling 65 degrees here at night.


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