Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Upcoming Pulp Legion Electrogram

So if you were following this commentary track you saw where Aric Blue challenged my assertion regarding the value of free and so on when it came to movies. And no, he's not being argumentative or combative in asking these questions...

And it's going to take more room than a blog post or comment to address them . So I'm going to do just that in the next issue of the PULP LEGION ELECTROGRAM.

If you're not familiar with the e-gram it's my (hopefully) monthly newsletter / love letter / notebook to indie media. I try to add plenty of links to cool stuff - programs and services you can use as well as the occasional bit of pulp fluffery. (Okay a lot of pulp fluffery) I take a bit more time to develop the ideas and text for an electrogram which eventually makes their way into a book on pulp mediamaking that I'm assembling.

One item from Aric's comments that I did want to immediately address is this:

As for cafepress and all that, wasn't it you that was telling me you can't be a filmmaker AND a distributor? But you can be a filmmaker and also do all this other cross-product promotion/creation?

In today's world. The world we live in right now. If you want to actually make a profit from your work -- then you have no other choice. Not unless you are in the league of someone making a movie for $5M or so... and even that slice of the moviemaking realm is thin. Too small to release in theaters, possibly too big for DVD. It needs special handling and positioning.

I will go into more detail in the next issue. If you haven't subscribed go to the sidebar and do so. It's free and completely non-invasive.

Now I have to get back to writing and selling my pulp.

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