Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Would You Like To See This...

and other designs on t-shirts, coffee mugs, or mouse pads? How about journals with original pulp covers for you to write in?

(Oh, and FYI - I was imagining the image in this post on a black tee - both long and short sleeve)

Yes, gang I am coming up with a line of merchandise designed to empower you to write, to film, to draw...right now!

Other suggestions for shirts have been:

"Livin the Pulp Life..."

"Pulp is not a medium...It's an Xtra Large."

"Life is better with a Jetpack and Raygun."

We are open to all suggestions, all ideas for our line of fun yet inspirational merch.  In the meantime go and browse through the Pulp 2.0 Amazon store and let me know what sorts of things you'd like to see there.

Edit to add: Tell me what's wrong with the design shown. Not "fantastic enough?" Need better image?  Do not be afraid to provide constructive criticism.  This is your line of merchandise.


Andrew Bellware said...

Just needs three things:
1. Naked girl
2. Bottle of whiskey
3. Gun.


Roger Alford said...

I'm all for the Jetpack and Raygun. Who can argue with that?

Allan Mackey said...

I'd be tempted by the posted design but would probably pass just on account of not being big on printed tees.

Though I would buy a well-designed "Life is better with a Jetpack and Raygun."

Possibly with a simple old-style silhouette raygun.