Saturday, February 20, 2010


From the fertile minds of Cliff van Meter (writer) and Joe Querio (artist) comes their webcomic scifi adventure:



First page here.  Enjoy.  

Edit to add: and if you happen to think this post negates my comments here.  Then I would remind the dear reader that this is a webcomic that is outside the norm of the "comics industry" as a whole.  It is one of my hopes that I can point to as sign that things will change.


Duane Spurlock said...

Nice. Thanks for sharing.

So, Bill, do web comics provide a stage to launch a title or creator into the world of print media? Or should the creators exploit the web and non-print media in the hopes that a workable revenue model comes into play and that money some day will show up?

Cunningham said...

Good question, Duane. I don't think these are mutually exclusive endeavors.

One can look at Phil Foglio's GIRL GENIUS books and see that he's using the web as an audience-builder to sell his print editions and other merchandise. Same with Carla Speed McNeil's work.

You can also see buddies like Scott Godlewski who got himself hired by BOOM for a project after they saw his and Matt Bennet's work in MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURES.

And just because Joss Whedon had a rousing success with DR. HORRIBLE doesn't mean he abandoned television or movies.

You go where your work and your interests take you. The beauty of it is there are opportunities for you to build your audience using the web, get your work out there, and take advantage of any opportunities that do come your way.

I hope I addressed your question properly and clearly.

Cliff said...

Orion the Hunter is planned to be an example of what I call "transmedia". Webcomics are not print comics in the same way that web pages are not magazine or newspapers. There are unique elements that can be brought to bear in a webcomic. Our Arctospedia project is an example of that. We are building a continuity for our titles, but opening that continuity up to our readership to enjoy or even contribute to.

Anonymous said...

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