Saturday, March 27, 2010


It was announced on Bob Layton's Facebook page that former DC artist and Editor-in-Chief, Dick Giordano has passed away.

Growing up with comics of the 60's and 70's I remember his work as an artist on BATMAN and others and as one of the architects of the Direct Market system that helped drag comics out of the spandex ghetto. 

Giordano of course, got his start at the now defunct Charlton comics where as editor he ushered in the Charlton Action Heroes line of comics - JUDOMASTER, SARGE STEEL, CAPTAIN ATOM, THE QUESTION, THE BLUE BEETLE,  PETER CANNON-THUNDERBOLT, PEACEMAKER and others. ***

He work will be missed by those of us who grew older with such things. I look at the image above and wonder how a Darwyn Cooke SARGE STEEL graphic novel might fare in today's market. In my mind Steel was Giordano's signature character.  I would love for someone to pay tribute to the foundations Giordano laid with the character.

*** Note: those heroes were the character templates upon which Alan Moore created his legendary WATCHMEN series.

Edit to add: Newsarama has a more comprehensive bio of Giordano here


m said...

That is a big pile of suck that is. Dick Giordano helped make DC everything it once was.

Cunningham said...

Feel that one, kids?

Dc is now tasting a bit of the backhanded compliment...