Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pardon the Mess...

I just wanted to let you know that Pulp 2.0 Press is in beta and online.  

All God's chillens must crawl before they walk, but please go ahead and bookmark the site, or subscribe to its feed.
We'll be crawling around the house then racing off into the neighborhood in no time. 

I'll also be changing a few things here and there to bring the Pulp 2.0 "Family" of internet speakeasies under the same brand design:

  • - the place to learn about and purchase the pulpiest publications around.  You'll be able to download sample chapters of our books and other neat stuff.
  • - where we celebrate what's going on with you and P2P in pictures, notes and events.  Join up.
  • - where I point you toward cool stuff, make quick announcements, and give you sneak peeks at pulp-in-progress.

And of course, right here  at the blog that started it all where I'll discuss,  in depth,  the goings-on in the company, the industry and the pulp lifestyle and philosophy.

(Did I sound like Hef there? I thought I sounded like Hef there...)

We'll be adding and yes, deleting a few other components as the need arises.  All to make it easier for you to find your favorite brand of pulp entertainment - Pulp 2.0 Press 


Luke H said...

Good post clarifying what the focus is for each of the outlets -- it's been getting a little confusing with the various feeds. I don't want to miss anything but I don't want to get overwhelmed either!

Cunningham said...

You are welcome, Luke. Thanks for the feedback. We certainly want clarity above all so you - the fan - can quickly and easily get the "news you can use."