Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pulp Writing as Seen by Ed McBain

Courtesy of the NY Times via Pulp Serenade.

She Was Blond. She Was in Trouble. And She Paid 3 Cents a Word. 

"I always started a P.I. story with a blonde wearing a tight shiny dress. When she crossed her legs, you saw rib-topped silk stockings and garters taut against milky white flesh, boy. Usually, she wanted to find her missing husband or somebody. Usually, the P.I. fell in love with her by the end of the story, but he had to be careful because you couldn't trust girls who crossed their legs to show their garters. A Private Eye was Superman wearing a fedora."

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Paul Salvi said...

Great article, thanks! Been devouring Joe Konrath's blog too.