Monday, July 26, 2010

Warren And Joss Go Outside the System (Again)

Warren Ellis answered a few questions this morning regarding his internet serial with Joss Whedon called WASTELANDERS.  They hatched their plot pre-AVENGERS MOVIE and plan to pick it up after the movie is in post-production.

What's interesting (to me, anyway) is the following:

A few notes. WASTELANDERS is not, as some people who can’t read have commented, the same as Antony Johnston’s WASTELAND. WASTELANDERS is Joss’ idea and Joss’ title. WASTELANDERS also has no connection to DR HORRIBLE. WASTELANDERS is where Joss’ sense that too few people followed the example of DR HORRIBLE meets my obsession with the QUATERMASS serials, which were half-hour episodes. Short-form genre serials of the kind that tv just doesn’t make anymore. What we eventually came up with was very much a fusion of British and American styles, and very much a fusion of my style and Joss’ style. And full-on science fiction.
 (highlights mine)

There's a lot to follow on this one because it represents a fundamental shift in thinking regarding media.  In the previous media era, it was rare for two people to collaborate as these guys are doing.  It happened, but it was rare.  Also, we have a situation where the plan is to not go to TV (because TV doesn't do short form serials) but go to the internet (because it DOES). Both have experience with the web - Warren writing the GI JOE animated web serial as well as the web comic FREAKANGELS, and Joss' DR. HORRIBLE.

This is the next iteration of their experience in this arena, and I'm going to say this sort of thing is going to happen more and more often.  Will it pay all of the bills?  Maybe, maybe not.  But the idea that the opportunity is there to do something different is more than enough to radically change how media thinks.


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