Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

I haven't posted on this blog in quite awhile simply because I have been uber-busy with setting up Pulp 2.0 Press and working on a lot of books - some of which have already come out and are available.

Just to give you a picture of what's in store:

Terror of Frankenstein - digital edition will be out the beginning of September.

The Miracle Squad - is being edited and tweaked and files will be sent to the printer for a proof.  Look for it at the end of September.

Frankenstein Lives Again! - is being laid out for print ....

Scarlet in Gaslight - is being laid out for print... look for it in December right as the new Sherlock Holmes movie comes out.

Agent 13 - is being laid out for print.  I'm also considering doing a pulpy photo shoot for it.

In addition, we have projects that have been slowly gestating such as:

The E.R.B. Thrillogy  - an ebook featuring three Edgar Rice Burroughs novels with all new artwork by Doug Klauba.

And a 7 novel compendium of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet novels featuring all-new art by Mike Fyles.

This is not to forget the fact that we are also putting together collector's editions of BIG BANG COMICS.

In other words - I've been busy, on a learning curve and trying to make a living... sort of.

So I'm putting out the call for some help:

One of the projects I am assembling is basically a Pulp 2.0 Mediamaker's "Toolbox" - a book that collects all my essays from hell here in the blog, as well as material from the old Pulp 2.0 Electrogram.  This book will be designed to be a useful reference and inspiration for the Pulp mediamaker - the filmmakers, cartoonists,  designers, writers, screenwriters and others...

So I need you to send me your feedback on what posts definitely need to be in the book.  What resources do you definitely want to see that you aren't getting from other books?  I am a different kind of media bastard so I want this to be a different kind of book, one chock full of news you can use.

I'd also like you to send me any questions you have that need to be answered in this book.


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