Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Bytes

Just some digital bits before I finally get to work:

-- Had a discussion this morning with Warren Ellis on his site here. He makes a valid point that we need to push the boundaries of the DVD Premiere - in other words we need to get out of the eighties. I and several others think the time is right for a D2DVD TV series, but what needs to push it forward is - a) great content, and b) a rock solid business plan. All it takes is for one to be a success and the market will open up.

But we have to get through a lot of gatekeepers before that happens. Find champions of our work who are forward thinkers. Probably someone completely outside the industry who can see the multiple applications and licensing of a brand.

-- Saw this:

Loved same. If you haven't seen Venture Bros. yet, get out of the range of my foot. Now is the time to get the DVD set and prepare to have your funnybones assaulted. Somebody read way to many Hardy Boys and Tom Swift adventures while watching Jonny Quest hopped up on peyote. We have much lovelove for Venture Bros. here at DISContent.

-- Work moves forward on the Gore-met script. As a producer its great to work with Jeff and Jonathan. We are three thirds of one brain on this one (something my ex-girlfriends have said about me as well). Id, Ego and Superego all working toward making a cool Godfather of Gore flick.

-- Haven't seen nor heard from Shawna. One assumes she's busy with her pilot script. She'll pop up, we'll have a beer and talk about it.

-- There is a new item in the sidebar that will help me when it comes post time - a poll. If you would please take the time to tell me what you like about the blog here, I would appreciate it. if you need to go into detail, then send me a comment or an email.

-- I'll post more Radar Men From The Moon later today.


Chopped Nuts said...

I voted for your rants in the poll, but it only allows for one selection, so I'd like to say that I'm equally interested in your behind-the-scenes insights. I'm a writer, so hearing about precise comments about what a producer looks for in scripts (and loglines) is a big help.

Systemaddict said...

We come from very different types of preference with movies at first glance...but I'm slowly learning more about the work you're doing- and anything creative and entertaining- I'm game for. Hell yes go to Comcast. Hell yes get a series (at some point)...the tools are becoming are the buyers.

Have you heard of ?

It's nothing amazing...but it's unbelievable the amount of people that watch it, have made offers on it...etc. The writer/creator was just interviewed in Forbes magazing about it (4 pages or so, of what I'm not sure)...and this is from a free whatever you wanna call it online downloadable tv show. I may be straying off target....anyway...

Great Stuff Mate

Roger Alford said...

Love the idea of the DVD Premiere TV series, but I think it's also going to take a known entity to pull it off -- either a known creator like a Warren Ellis or a Joss Whedon, or a known property like a comic book or book character that has name recognition. I agree, though, that once someone clears the hurtles, it will open the gates for everyone else. Do we just wait for the porn industry to tackle this one, too?

Grubber said...

Bill I was similar to chopped nuts(which is seriously ironic just at the moment) I only had one choice, but there were at least two others that could have been chosen.

My choice was tips on writing for D2DVD, but the rants and industry chat are on equal terms.


Screenplays for Sale said...


Interested in it all. But mostly I'm interested in the Marketing and the acquisition of OPM

Chopped Nuts said...

All right, I confess, I lied. I actually came here looking for pics of you and Fun Joel by a pool.

Cunningham said...

You are a sad, sad humanoid...

Dave said...

Here's an idea for a D2DVD series. Why not get someone to pick up Alex Epstein's Canadian sci-fi series CHARLIE JADE, which has apparently done well in the Great White North. It's a proven commodity, but on a limited scale, and it's already in the can. Could be a good test case for the idea.

Cunningham said...

Not good enough Dave. The bar is set at a television show that has never before been broadcast on television.

There are a lot of DVD sets here in the US that have been broadcast elsewhere, but not here.

The bar has to be something original created specifically to premiere on the DVD format.

And yes, I agree it's going to take someone with a brand like Joss Whedon or Dick Wolf.

Kelly J. Crawford said...

And yes, I agree it's going to take someone with a brand like Joss Whedon or Dick Wolf.

Or maybe not. Don't get too excited just yet but the prodco I'm dealing with right now is mulling over the possiblity of turning The Black Tower into a direct to DVD TV series, instead of a syndicated series. It's just one option we're talking about. I'll keep y'all updated.