Sunday, June 03, 2007

[Wipes Tear From Eye]

Just finished watching "Family of Blood" the second episode of the Doctor Who two-parter which started with "Human Nature."


It had something for everyone - aliens, scarecrows, romance, action, drama...

But most of all, and this is something that I find lacking in most scifi on television these days, it was genuine.


This is not the Doctor Who I grew up with (and yet it is), and I couldn't be happier. If someone comes up to me and asks why I'm watching this program, I'll point to these two episodes in particular and say, "Sit back, relax and prepare to feel something. I know that's not what you've come to expect from television, but just watch..."


Hat off to Paul Cornell, the writer of these two episodes based upon his original Doctor Who novel.
Hats off to Russell Davies for choosing Paul's story, and bringing him into the fold.
That's what we call "brilliant producing."

Here's the trailer for Season Three.



Emily Blake said...

This is the second post I've read in ten minutes about who awesome this episode is.

Where did you see it? When the hell is the show coming back? I can't find season 3 showing in the states anywhere.

Lee said...


You too, eh Bill?

Emily, Season Three airs on the Sci-Fi Channel from next month.

Anonymous said...

Emily; there is something called "bittorrent".