Friday, May 02, 2008

It's a NewPulp Friday!

And yes, I'm a happy camper. This is the day where cool things fall in your lap and you giggle a bit and go "This is cool. I could get used to this sort of thing happening all the damn time. "

So allow me to share:

1) First up, we have the latest installment of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK:THE SERIAL, which pretty much speaks for itself. This is a really cool little experiment that I hope in the back alleys and hallways of "The Studios" the folks are taking to heart, and saying, "wow - we should totally do that to some more of our movies and put them up online in digestible units. It would be great promotion and may spark interest in more sequels, new material and new revenue streams." If not, then they certainly don't understand the web.

Roger - let me make the request now and say I want to see THE ROCKETEER, THE PHANTOM and THE SHADOW in this format.

2) The latest edition of ASTONISHING ADVENTURES MAGAZINE (#3) is here and features a little tale by yours truly and several other folks who outshine my humble efforts, including Roger Alford the guy behind the Raiders Serial above. John Carlucci and Tim Gallagher and co. have done an excellent job and upped the bar with every issue.

Did I tell you it's free?! Available online as a download or...available to read right here.

One small correction: Carlucci says I am the "self-professed" Mad Pulp Bas-tard. No indeed. I was given that title by none other than the Kung Fu Monkey himself, John Rogers.

So what are the implications of all this cool free media here? It's free. It's entertainment delivered to you to read / view and enjoy at your leisure and your location. The magazine is also available in a print edition (which I will purchase next week).

Oh, and it is distributed around the world at once!

Straight from the creators to the audience as inexpensively as possible. If that's not Pulp 2.0 then I don't know what is... With the recession starting, more and more people are going to stay home and enjoy the cheaper things that entertain them - Books, TV, DVDs, Videogames. It is the future.

So let's spread the word. I'm asking everyone to link or embed these and spread them far and wide.

Have fun, and let me know what you think of the story.


Roger Alford said...

Bill, many thanks for all the kudos today. Much appreciated! Right back at you, too. Your story kicks some serious butt. I don't want to say any more for fear of spoiling it for others (I'm still geeking out over it). Other than READ IT. NOW!

Haven't given much thought to "serializing" other films, but the Mad Pulp Bastard has spoken and I have heard. So let it be written, so let it be done!

Unknown said...

I did not catch that bit and I remember when John christened you a bastard (pulp that is).

I'll fix that when I reformat for Amazon.

I'm doing the PR stuff this weekend and hyping you guys as much as possible.

I have to drop that JK monkey boy an email. He promised to hype us when he isn't distracted by that little show he is doing.

Now if we could get that Warren guy talking!

All of you guys are awesome with your work and I want to do some interviews with you all for the site and just get people reading your work.