Monday, December 29, 2008

Barnholtz Launches NAMP

In this era of corporate downsizing and cutbacks, it's refreshing to see a company that switches gears and forges ahead --- on its own. Barnholtz Entertainment is opening North American Motion Pictures, a DVD production and distribution company.

From the Video Business article:

Barry Barnholtz, head of Lionsgate-distributed Barnholtz Entertainment, has launched a new DVD production and distribution company that will self-distribute its films.

Called North American Motion Pictures, the company will release its first DVD, Redemption, a theatrically released western, on Feb. 10 (prebook Jan. 6; $26.99).

NAMP plans to also release its titles in Blu-ray Disc, offering the high-def version for free to retailers who buy three copies of the standard DVD. The program is designed to promote rental profitability. Blu-ray will not be available separately.

The company will offer retailers a commercial for regional placement and will employ Internet marketing, Barnholtz said.

Serving as executive VP of NAMP will be Tom Sykes, who founded New Light Entertainment and previously worked as VP of sales for Showtime Network’s home entertainment product.

Barnholtz said Sykes will eventually have four sales representatives but that the intent is to keep the operation small. “I am a firm believer in keeping overhead low,” said Barnholtz.

Barnholtz Entertainment titles will continue to be released through Lionsgate until January 2010, after which the company's productions will be distributed through NAMP.

Self distribution offers control, profit, and responsibility. By keeping it small they will be able to be more responsive to the customer (their retailers) and the direct purchaser (you and me).

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