Sunday, January 04, 2009

Entrepreneurship on a Sunday

Been working hard on the business plan today.

4 hours straight and I'm only now getting out of my chair for an ass-stretch. I like that I'm so excited about this that I put in the time to try and get it all right - all the ducks in a row and so forth.

I've got bids out there for certain services I can't do myself due to time restrictions , but everything else is going to be based on the free tools available on the web, our chutzpah and our cadre of like-minded pulpsters who want to give this a kick in the pants and get it going. (or maybe just give me a kick in the boys -- Enthusiasm is hard to gauge.)

For those of you who know already - don't say a word. (Okay, you can tease a bit if you want) To the rest of you - the following pictures all mean something (at least to me). That's really all I can say at this moment.

(Oh and I don't no where I got all of these illustrations on the web. I thank the artists for allowing me to use them to illustrate my point. No rights are implied by my using them)

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