Friday, January 23, 2009

Mario Bava and the Art of the Title Sequence

From our good friends over at THE ART OF THE TITLE SEQUENCE come these two posts featuring one of my all-time favorite filmmakers/cameramen/designers/SFX artists --MARIO BAVA.

The first chronicles the opening titles for DANGER: DIABOLIK . Video here.
(and the ultra cool high rez poster here.)

The second features a look at the titles for another comic book movie BARBARELLA.

The video and that high rez poster art.

Go check out The Art of the Title.


Pearce said...

Cool! Did Bava have something to do with Barbarella?

Cunningham said...

Your point is taken.

While not credited, Bava was part of the whole Cinecitta / De Laurentis "family" and as such his influence on the special effects camerawork was felt. Bava, and Bava Sr. pioneered many of the production techniques for italian cinematography and SFX cinematography.